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Life threatening? I don't know, my great grandmother used to tell me about growing up with 11 siblings in central Louisiana in the late 1800's (she was born 1867). She lived to be 97. Of course they didn't have AC, indoor plumbing, electricity, or OFF Mosquito Spray! I certainly wouldn't want to try that today.

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I have come across some articles lately on the federal budget cuts, one of which is cutting heating assistance for poor people.We use very little energy down here in the south during the winter. I guess we could say to the northerners: man up and live in a cold house.Thanks

Juliette Lucarini Harch

We are marvelously adaptive creatures & I agree with you about air conditioning. It's a bother for me in the summer that I have to carry around a little sweater where ever I go because in some places it's so darn cold I"m freezing. It's summer, so it's hot: yea, deal with it. Luckily, my assistant Claire, does not like air conditioning either. I would rather breath fresh air and hear the birds singing outside. I worked in the Alamogordo dessert with Transformers where it was >110 degrees, we got used to it - even the men building the sets got used to it. As human beings we adapt, we were created with compensatory mechanisms for survival.

Juliette Lucarini Harch

I just re-read my post and I wanted to add that: yes, sometimes we do need air conditioning but does it has to be on FREEZING? Sometimes it's so hot & humid down here it's hard to breathe. I'm of normal weight (120 lbs), so I'm speaking from a perspective of a healthy person. I'm just saying, everything in moderation. FREEZING air conditioning in summer is such a waste of energy.

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They are both important for sure.However,if I have to choose one,heating would be my preference. As we can still have fan and other tools to cool down ourselves.


Temperature inside the house will just depend on the temperature outside. Like in the cold places they need heating inside the house and vice versa.

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Thankfuly living in England I don't have to worry about cooling, our weather is terrible, but it is an interesting point. Heating has to be the more important for me and it pobably is the more cheaper of the two to implement.

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The purpose of a home ventilation system is to maintain a healthy living environment by supplying fresh air to your home while at the same time removing stale and polluted air. Home ventilation also helps to maintain proper humidity levels.

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I agree with the previous comment, they are both important in their own right, I tend to think heating is a little more important because I wouldn't want the pipes to freeze. Thanks for posting this.

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